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Recognition Day

Recognition Day 2015
September 29, 2015- The day that all of us had been wanting to witness, those students who had made themselves worthy to be praised and acknowledged by everyone. The program was astonishing and well-prepared by our SSC Officers, and it started swiftly after the welcome remarks of the energetic Masters of ceremony. “Good afternoon parents, students, faculty and staff! Welcome to ACLC College Gensan’s 10th Recognition Day!” as the Emcees’ afternoon greeting. Everyone witnessed and was amused by the intermission numbers of the member of Socio Club.
The said event was entitled to recognize the hardship in studying of the ACLCians and also to give acknowledgement to their dearest parents who throughout the duration of their journey as a Learner, they provided their child’s needs as long as they can. Tears of joy are the reply of the parents when they were asked by the emcees to stand to be given a round of applause by everyone. Grace Bonilla, highest ranking 2yr course academic awardee, a Computer Based Accountancy student, speaks in behalf of the awardees said that “Everyone can attain this award or shall we say the Fruit of our labor, if we will just do our best, nothing could possibly be go wrong, just try and try until you succeed.” Until such time that Sir Rhoniel Medrano the Academic Dean introduced the speaker of the Recognition day our very own Acting School Director Ms. Mary Ann Lafuente whose speech actually moved the hearts of the aspiring achiever students “Some of the students may not be showing their skills for now, but let us see in the future, who knows? They might be big professionals, someday. If only everyone gave their very best maybe, all of you could achieve this once in a lifetime opportunity; to gain awards with the overwhelming praises and applause, it would not be a waste if all of us tried so hard right? That is why you have to strive harder for all of us have unique skills, talents and intelligence.” she said. And the program ended after the presentation of awards and speech of the student achievers. Without a doubt, the ACLCians have various talents, skills and intelligence and we are all divergent. Kudos ACLCians!

What a great Hero you are

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken in creative joy and expression and knowledge” –Albert Einstein

Without a teacher, there’s no President. It takes many Educators to mold professionals and leaders of this country. Being a teacher is being a noble Hero. A Hero who sacrifice himself to enlighten the Knowledge of an individual and a Hero that is willing to help others in his/her best capacity.

On the 29th of September, 2015 at the lobby of ACLC College. We celebrated the Teachers’ Day as a salute to the valuable contribution impart by our instructors by giving knowledge and skills to the improvement of the career path of the students. When the program was about to begin, many students were full of excitement and their faces filled with love and joy because they prepared surprises for their teachers. The President and Vice President of the Student Supreme Council was the Masters’ of Ceremony. They gave warm gratitude and acknowledgement to the most important individuals of that day; the Teachers!

Mr. Rhoniel Medrano the Academic Dean of ACLC gave his opening remarks and leaves by an inspiring quote “Teachers makes other things possible”. Those words touch every hearts of many teachers. The place was filled with inspiring words and affirmations. A lot of students express their gratitude to their teachers by giving letters, gifts and presentations that showed gratefulness and love.

We, the students, are very overwhelmed and proud to pay our respect and honor to the great teachers. They have done so much in our lives and demonstrate perseverance in teaching, guiding and caring over us. Thanks you for your patience and courage. You may not be our parents but you stand as one in the institution. Keep the fighting spirit teachers! Mabuhay ACLC!

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